Legiit is a new gigs style site that has come into the SEO marketplace. Like Konker,fiverr,ect. you need a paypal account and it is free to sign up and buy or sell gigs.

There are several gigs already posted for sale of the standard ware PBN,video gigs,graphics,article writers,seo backlinks,ect.

We have posted a few of our gigs there.The map embeds on Legiit is our two standard gigs but we have added another one that is sure to push power to not only your map but also a video.This is added to 3 cloud storage sites inside a relvant article then link to from the other cloud articles. Powerfu to say the least. We have another video coming that will give more details on Legitt and map embeds.

If you have tried to out your seo using other gigs sites, and found the gigs not so good then you need to try this new one out. Legiit New SEO Gig Site

Legitt Gigs Site
Map Embeds Legiit
New SEO Gig Site
SEO Market Place Legiit
Legiit New SEO Gig Site
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